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The Company programs and plans in the maintenance 
of the environment


              Our company was keen to be interested in sound planning to invest the modern technologies to reduce the environmental pollution and taking all necessary precautions for that into consideration and that includes the following:-

First :- Equipment and vehicles sector:-

The purchase of equipment and new vehicle of high technology in addition to use of high quality fuel so as to reduce pollution.

Sound repair and early periodical maintenance for equipment and vehicle available which help reducing exhaust, fumes and noise which is one of pollution factors as well.

- Gradual removal of used equipment and vehicles via periodical sales of the company to sell such equipments and much of other materials by recycling according to the company ׳s policy. 

Second :- Construction Sector:-
               The use of the most modern technologies in mixing , transport and cast of concrete to reduce pollution resulted from the use of traditional methods and also the use of the central patch plants concrete casting pumps and transmixers to transport concrete , the use of mobile cranes and tower cranes in such purposes.

Third :- Security and civil Defense Sector Safety & |Occupational Health:-

- Holding of symposiums and training, cultivation and awareness programs for staff and attendance of symposiums organized by the holding company in coordination with Ministry of Investment in Engineers Society as far as the environment is concerned.

Theuse of methods of safety and occupational health for all staff of the companysuch as equipment, protective clothing and guide clipboards.

  Removal of normal and industrial scrap and transport it to places allocated by state to get rid of it or recycling it according to the state projects concerning that.