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Date of Foundation 

The General Construction Company is an extension of  joint stock Contracting Co (Rolin & Co) that had practiced its activity (Contracting) in Cairo Since 1902 and was nationalized in 1961 by virtue of the Republican Decree 
No. 684 – 1961 issued in 10-6-1961.

The Company level :
The  First level specialized in field of construction since 1961.

The company’s Description :

General construction Co., (Rolin), is one of the Public Enterprise sector companies and 
a subsidiary of National Company for Construction & development.

Legal Form:
 Egyptian joint stock company 
Commercial Register
 No. 108309

Tax File nO. Tax Task of joint stock companies – Cairo.

Tax card no.
 4434 issued on 7-4-1993 tax task of joint stock companies .

Main Banks:-

  • National Bank of Egypt- sherefeen branch
  • National Societe General Bank- Beurit branch
  • Arab Investment Bank- Cairo branch
  • United Bank- Abd elmonaem Riyad branch
  • National Investment Bank- Bab ellok branch

Incorporated Companies :

  • Arab General Contracting Co. in 30-1-2003
  • Nile Company for Construction and land Investment" SPECO" in 30-6-2006
  • New Wady Company  for construction merged in Nile Company for Construction and land Investment" SPECO" in 4-5-2004

It has become a giant entity with its experience, administrative and technical potentials and equipment. 

The Company Objectives:

Inside and outside Arab republic of Egypt there is construction of entire building works and construction of public and private projects , housing blocks , ware houses , infrastructure,  under

ground storehouses whether  through ordinary methods or by  prefabricated units and also the contracting of  civil and architectural urban constructions including roads, irrigation , bridges , rail ways,  maritime, power net works , bridges, viaducts , filling works, ground glittering, real  estate investment and any other work of the same sort of transactions, import  and export and the like where commercial agencies business of local and alien campanies which deal in production of prerequisites and  assorted public  utilities ( sanitary drainage - water - rain -power ).  
Also the construction of designs and drawings and offering technical engineering consultations which entails the execution of business entrusted to the company and as well making the necessary researches for development of materials and construction industry with the authorities concerned.  The company may have an interest or participation some way or another with the authorities that practice business similar to its own or may cooperate an achieving its own purpose in Egypt or in foreign countries.